MetroNome  exploring genomic, transcriptomic, and phenotypic data visually 

To make genomic data more accessible we built MetroNome, a web-based visual exploration platform. It presents genetic variation and gene expression data in an interactive context with information about the individuals’ health, or disease, and demographics.

Biologists can ask questions like “do mutations in gene X have an effect on the age of onset for disease Y?”. Without having to write code, scientists can use this platform to generate ideas and explore new hypotheses. MetroNome allows researchers to look at their own data and compare them with publicly available data sets, such as the 1,000 Genomes project or TCGA, the cancer gene atlas.  


Christian Stolte  LEAD UX DESIGN + VISUAL DESIGN    
Nina Lapchyk  QA MANAGER    
Kevin Shi, Nathaniel Novod   SOFTWARE ENGINEERING    
Kanika Arora, Minita Shah   CANCER BIOINFORMATICS   
Toby Bloom, Hemali Phatnani  PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS