AQUARIA   Exploring protein structures

Making it easier to find and view protein structures

Using a database of computed similarity between sequences, Aquaria is a web resource that shows known structures for proteins of similar sequence. Using this approach, we matched more than 1 million extra protein sequences with a structure, compared to the contents of the PDB.

The Aquaria user interface comprises five panels: a 3D view (A) shows the currently selected 3D structure with various rendering modes using the same colour scheme as applied for all structures and aggregates (E) that match a given user query entered through the search field (B). A white background is used to visually connect the sequence being rendered in the 3D view and its cluster in the matching sequences panel (E). Panels on either side give information about the Uniprot entry corresponding to the query (B) and its function (C), as well as details of the structure (D) being shown in the 3D view.


Christian Stolte   UX DESIGN + VISUAL DESIGN    
Andrea Schafferhans, Burkhart Rost   BIOINFORMATICS LEAD
Kenny Sabir, Julian Heinrich, Bosco Ho, Neblina Sikta  SOFTWARE ENGINEERING   
Stuart Anderson, Matt Adcock AR ENGINEERING  
Sandeep Kaur, Christian Dallago, Nicola Bordin, James Procter  BIOINFORMATICS